Our Processes

With 3S Offshoring and Outsourcing, Inc., we build a global direct-to-consumer and business solutions from scratch.

  1. 1. Recruitment and Selection Process

    Our recruitment and selection process is designed to attract the right people and select them through a multi-stage screening that ensures the right fit for your program. Qualified candidates are then interviewed by recruitment and screening staff. Interviews include an assessment of the candidate’s ability to clearly communicate responses to questions, inquiries into experience and background and general/technical knowledge. Interviewers may also gauge self-awareness and human relations, potential, client focus, emotional control, empathy, responsibility, problem solving capability, ability to listen, flexibility, creativity, initiative, negotiation skills, focus on results, confidence, decision making, planning and leadership. Candidates must also pass a second interview by the Account Management team. Clients have the option to also interview and screen candidates on their most available schedule.

  2. 2. Training

    3S training process produces confident and competent agents to optimize client results. We will use the following approaches for your team of agents:

    We highly encourage our clients to conduct the product training and pass on the knowledge by conducting Train-the-Trainer approach. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and knowledge base will also be formulated, for next batch of trainees and ongoing operations.

    The training period can be shortened or extended, according to your requirements.

  3. 3. Quality

    In years of doing business, 3S has proven its commitment to excellence, through customer-focused activities in raising the quality of how we serve them.

  4. Supervisors
    • Supervisors are responsible for the operational management of the services, for the evaluation of all team of agents and for continuous training.
    • Supervisors dedicate 80% of their time to continuous monitoring, evaluating and measuring the development of our agents, at a level of communication, quality and compliance.
    • They are also responsible in making sure that all agents meet project requirements and comply with company regulations.
    • The main concern of the Supervisor is to manage the team and to develop a highly motivated group of people.
    • We generally have 1 Supervisor to 15 agents. We can assign a dedicated Supervisor to handle and manage the team, even if we are to start with a smaller number of agents.
    • The Supervisor directly reports to the Operations Manager with dotted line reporting to the Operations Director.
  5. Quality Assurance Department
    • The Quality Assurance Department receives training in all campaigns and services in course, evaluating database prior being submitted to the client.
    • The Quality Assurance Department evaluates calls using the same criteria as the Supervisors. By doing this we make sure that there is conformity with the evaluations done by the Supervision team and we are better able to identify improvement opportunities in all campaigns.
    • The Quality Control Department reports to the Operations Manager.
  6. Both Supervisors and Quality Control Department utilize 3 types of call monitoring:
    • Side-by-side: Y-jack process where they sit down with the agents and coach & monitor.
    • Silent Monitoring: where agents don’t know when they are being monitored.
    • Record/Review: when calls are recorded and then later played back and assessed.
  7. 4. Operational Process

    The daily communication of individual and team results of the agents is fundamental for the unity of the team. Because customer service has direct impact to our clients business sales and strategies, 3S is implementing guidelines regarding work-floor-people management which is a step-by-step approach by which front-line management develops high-performance skills in agents while managing KPIs day-by-day consistently, to ensure relevant feedback and follow-up at all levels of the programs’ organization.

  8. 5. Retention and Motivation

    3S’ success is directly related to the success of our people. Our ability to motivate, inspire, reward and retain our people is a fundamental cornerstone of 3S’ People Strategy. We utilize a combination of direct and indirect measures to accomplish our goal of having the most passionate, motived and tenured employees in the industry.

    The results of our People Strategy are clear: Our employees are proud to belong to the company, are engaged, have more knowledge regarding services and products, delight customers faster and better and develop themselves professionally and personally. Our clients and customers have more efficient programs focused on customer satisfaction and generating better loyalty and transforming delighted customers into client advocates.