How we retain our best people

  1. 1. We hire great fits.

    This is where it all starts. New hires should not only fit the role but your culture as well. However, go beyond fit and ALSO bring in top talent who can offer something new, different or diverse that will ignite their teams.

  2. 2. We assign them to great leaders.

    It’s been proven that great people don’t leave organizations as much as they leave… poor managers! A superstar who reports to a strong and encouraging leader who brings out their best and who fights for them – will NOT want to leave.

  3. 3. We clarify paths for advancement.

    Your best people need to understand what potential roles are possible to get promoted into advancing their careers… and the steps needed to make such advancement happen.

  4. 4. We provide insightful feedback.

    Top performers want to know where they stand and how they can improve. Make sure they get clear and candid feedback about their performance, their style and their career potential.

  5. 5. We groom and develop them.

    We ensure that they have a documented development plan to enhance their marketable skills… AND to prepare them for their next likely assignment.

  6. 6. We offer flexibility.

    Where possible, give them the autonomy to structure their work schedules, vacations, time off and ability to work remotely. Flexibility is a highly desired benefit.

  7. 7. We keep them informed & in the loop.

    Give them regular updates about what’s on the horizon. Bring them in the loop regarding the organization’s direction and goals – and connect that to their work – and you will increase their sense of belonging and loyalty.

  8. 8. We help them play bigger game.

    Being supportive and available is good, but not enough. Keep them engaged by challenging them, asking more of them and giving them “stretch” assignments. Raise their bar, help them leverage their strengths and play a bigger game – and they’ll love it!

  9. 9. We give them a mission that matters.

    Show them that they’re important by ensuring that at least ONE project they’re working on is viewed as mission-critical to the organization…or one that gives them clear visibility to the higher ups and key decision-makers.

  10. 10. We recognize & reward them.

    We make sure they feel valued and appreciated by providing TIMELY thank you’s, acknowledgements, recognition, promotions, bonuses and monetary rewards for great work.